Esperance Power Station (EPS) is the natural gas licensed operator for the gas distribution network.

As gas distributor, EPS is the company that owns and operates the gas pipes in your area and delivers gas safely to homes and businesses.

It is responsible for the maintenance, operations, reliability, gas quality, service extension and meter connection to customers.

EPS is committed in ensuring the benefits of natural gas are delivered across Esperance in a reliable, safe and economical manner.

EPS also holds a power generation licence and provides electricity supply to Esperance from an automated but manned, duel fuel, gas turbine power station located at the Esperance Port.

Esperance and surrounding areas are supplied electricity by a combination of gas-fired and wind-generator.


22B Dutton Arcade
91 Dempster Street
Esperance WA 6450

(Upstairs behind the florist on Andrew Street)
Phone (08) 9072 1422
Email esperance.gas@twps.com.au
EMERGENCY ONLY 1800 010 272